Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Five Favorite Pins of June

Wheww, the kids were getting antsy those last few days. But, summer has finally arrived! 

It's time for Mrs. Miracle's monthly linky party. Here are my "Five Favorite Pins of June:"

#1: Beatboxing Curriculum
My students love Incredibox. I've talked about it before here. I'd love to dive more into concept of beatboxing with my older students, especially near the end of the year. I've also wanted to check out resources from the Fun Music Company for awhile now.

#2: Silent Instrument Game
I love this game! It is great for testing time and to get the instruments out for introductions or review. Can't wait to use this gem!

#3: Cat Poster
The kitty in this poster looks exactly like my Eleanor. Plus, it sums up the way I feel sometimes, even though I know my job is to bring music to all of my students.

#4: "It's Time to Begin" with hand clapping
I love Kristin's ideas! This is another great end-of-the-year song, complete with a fun hand clapping piece to add a little extra. Check out the video on the pin:

#5: Moses Goes to a Concert
If you follow me regularly, either blog or TPT, you'll know I LOVE children's literature in music class. This book looks great for the beginning of the year, before a concert or a field trip. Plus, it has a fun little explanation to introduce listening.

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