Monday, November 17, 2014

Incredibox 2014


My students LOVE this mixing activity. It is great to hear them use words like "beat" and "melody," as well as work to create different combinations.

Here's a sneak peak of the music video they unlock with the right combination:

Check it out - I guarantee your kids will be hooked!


  1. Have you ever had trouble with the fact that the "guys" start out shirtless? I've wanted to use Incredibox in my classroom but I've wondered if it would become a big deal that they're half-naked, lol.

    Love the idea of this - you could totally integrate it into a lesson with the TED Ed video on Beatboxing.

    1. My principal and I talked it over first. He said to talk about swimsuits lol; it's been two years now with no complaints (knock on wood), but I would definitely check with administration first. I only use it with 3rd grade and up.

      I haven't watched the TED talk, but I definitely will go check it out! Thanks for the idea :)