Friday, February 10, 2017

Tuneful & Trendy: February (#10)

Time for another Tuneful & Trendy post! Now, I haven't posted one in awhile for a couple of reasons. First, we have had snow days and delays sporadically followed by unseasonably warm weather. My wardrobe has been just as confused as Mother Nature! 
The second reason is much more positive. Our building raised test scores by 4% this quarter, helping to raise the district overall. Because of this, our principal (who's awesome BTW) is rewarding the kids with a showing of the new Lego movie. The teachers, however, get a full week of jeans, yoga pants, whatever! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON!

So, I've been wearing some pretty comfy and maybe not as "trendy" clothing lately. Still, this is something that I want to share with you all. Here is what this teacher wears on snow days or "teacher choice" days at school.

Who? I saw this outfit on a Buy/Sell/Trade group for LuLaRoe. I finally dove into the world of Carlys and Sarahs but realized they were too long to wear out. After learning some tricks from consultants and YouTube, I was able to shorten the dress and give it some fit. I used rubber bands or hair elastics for both items. The Sarahs is knotted on both sides by taking the long corner at the front, bringing it to the inside seam, pinching it together and pulling the rubber band around. The Carly is pinched from the inside right under my bust and wrapped with the rubber band. The same thing is done on the back, though you can't see it.

  • dress: LuLaRoe Carly (leggings material)
  • cardigan: LuLaRoe Sarah
  • leggings: Maurices
  • boots: Torrid 

Why? I wear Carlys and Sarahs around the house all the time. The length is perfect, they are comfy as all get out and I can add or remove layers depending on the temperature. I can also add a solid or patterned legging underneath the Carly if I need to do so. When my principal said we could literally "roll out of bed" this past week, I basically did. It was fabulous, comfy and the kids kept complimenting my Sarah. I did feel a bit sleepy in the afternoon (normally nap time) but it was nice to be more relaxed at school during some of the more challenging schedule days.

I've mentioned LuLaRoe before and sadly, you can't just find a store and get the item. You must go through consultant groups or buy/sell/trade pages. Only so many of each fabric and size are made, so sometimes you regret that you didn't snatch it up. I prefer Carlys that are legging or tshirt material because they are super soft and stretchy. The Sarah above is stretchy, but I also have some that are ribbed, thicker fabric or stretchy. 
I live in these two items (in various other fabrics and colors) on a regular basis. As soon as I get home, I put on my Aveda Stress-Free lotion and comfy clothes. It makes my day so much better!

Do you have an item of clothing that makes you feel cozy and comfy? Share below!

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