Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tuneful & Trendy: January (#9)

This week's outfit included pattern mixing - something I'm not quite comfortable with. I am a type A personality and need everything to go together nicely. Pattern mixing confuses me because there is no specific focal point. However, pattern mixing is really in this season and I need to venture outside of my comfort zone every now and then. 
The easiest way to start pattern mixing is to go with stripes and a floral print. This dress is just that!
Who? I picked this dress out but my husband really liked it. Bonus!


Why? Like I said above, this dress is pushing me out of my comfort zone. I also struggle with pairing browns and blacks. This dress does that as well. While it made me uncomfortable trying it on, I immediately fell in love with it! It has pockets (awesome) and is nice and flowy. I also like the pop of pink in the flowers against the taupe and black. It is 3/4 sleeved, but pretty warm considering the lightness of the fabric. I wore it with black leggings and brown boots, but you could easily pair it with brown or pink leggings and black boots. I received a ton of compliments on it when I presented at a conference last year. At the end of the day, I felt like a million bucks!

This dress is from an online boutique which can be a little daunting. When you order online, it's hard to get the sizing right. Paisley Grace has been quick about orders and returns, but you won't get money back - just store credit. I don't mind it most of the time because I get unique pieces that stand out. Do you have an online boutique you adore? Share below!

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