Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Music Room Reveal 2016-2017

I'm really excited to finally debut my new classroom to you all! I've linked up with Mrs. King's Music Class to show you my room, as well as take a peak at other teachers' classrooms.

This year, I am in a new district and building. In the past, the music room was outside in a portable due to class sizes. This is the first year it is back in the building - hooray! I'm in a previous first grade classroom and it has a ton of character. I love it! My theme is chalkboard brights to highlight to fun wall colors and real chalkboard in my room. Let's take a tour!

This is the west side of my classroom. The door to the right (not pictured) leads to the gym and 2nd/3rd grade wing. I love these posters. They are colorful and really interesting for students to look and learn. I also have my huge children's literature collection divided by fabric, color and theme (composers, stylistic, movement, etc.). The bottom plastic bins hold games and activities for multiple grade levels. You can also see my filing cabinets with their not-so-awesome paint job. This holds Music K-8, Express, programs, and other curriculum stuff.

Going counterclockwise is my desk. I'd like to say that I can use the closet you see but I can't - it holds the furnace for this part of the building. Still, it provides a place to hang my substitute things. My bulletin board has schedules, pictures and other stuff about me.

Here is my main whiteboard. My standards posters up above, as well as the handsign and voice posters are all from TeachersPayTeachers sellers. Let me know if you'd like more detailed information on them. My boards are divided by magnetic border and regular bulletin border in chalkboard brights from Teacher Created Resources (yay Amazon Prime!). 

In front of the whiteboard are my SitSpots. These are brand new this year! The company came out with music notes in purple, green, blue and red. I chose three of the colors and stuck them down. Love! They work great for student seats, instrument groups and games.

This is where you start seeing the character of this room. You can't see it but there is a door to the left in the middle of the room. This used to be two classrooms and then just one, but they left the door. I curtained the door to create the "instrument corner." My mallets are lined up, misc percussion in the closet and the electric piano in front. The cupboard in the back will hold the drums I will be receiving in a few weeks from a grant. The fan is there because there is no ventilation in my room (only drawback I can find). It keeps air moving while we're moving!

Here's a better view of the door and my curtain. It is really fun - I love it! People were joking during my interview about dealing with the door, but it is such a great piece to separate the instrument corner. I also have the Spotlight on Music curriculum on the bookshelf. We don't use it much but it's nice to have out.

Here is the whiteboard on the other side of the room. It has the concert schedule up on the left side. On the top are alphabet instrument posters. I created the chalkboard solfege handsigns that you see on the right to go with my classroom theme. In the middle are the iPads we received from a grant - can't wait to use more technology in music!

This is the display case outside my room. Every teacher has one and it's a great place to show your personality. I have instruments, music books and Beethoven hanging out right now. I'll change it each quarter to fit what we're talking about in class.

On the big glass outside my room are vinyl words that say "Sing Say Dance Play." I love this motto for my classroom! We do so many fun things and this is such a unique way to reach out to those walking past the classroom. I purchased them as a special request from the Etsy store RhythmicallyYours. She is a fellow music education teacher/TPT seller and has such fun stuff in her store. I just peeled them off, stuck them up and got the wrinkles out with a credit card. I also stuck up some music window clings around them to fill the space.

If you want to see my classroom in action or see things a little more closely, check out this video I took after "Back to School" night. 

Thanks for checking out my room reveal! Be sure to click on the link to Mrs. King's Music Class and see all the other awesome rooms. Have any suggestions or comments for me? Leave them below - I'd love to hear from you or see what's on your walls!

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  1. What a beautiful and colorful classroom! Love it!