Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dollar Finds

If you read my posts regularly, you know that I love Half Price Books. Well, I went back for another dig and found a great deal. Apparently, it was the day for deals, though, because Target had a great find, too. Here's what I found:
Dollar Deal #1
The Fabulous Feud of Gilbet & Sullivan by Winter & Egielski
This book was in the clearance section for $1 - what a find! I haven't ventured into opera with my students, but the reviews for this book are wonderful. The colors are vivid and the story is humorous. Plus, I accompanied a performance of "The Mikado" in college. Hopefully I can come up with some way to incorporate this into my lessons in the coming year. If not, it's a great read to leave in my sub tub.
Dollar Deal #2
Finger Pointer - Target

Okay, these are hilarious...especially when my husband tried to pick his nose with them. Anyway, these are great for leading vocal explorations! I grabbed two in different colors (there were other colors, too). I don't have a smart board so the students usually draw in the air with their finger. These are so cute and the kids will LOVE them. I can't wait to use these! I wonder what other things I could them for.....

Love deals? Check out some of these posts from Jennifer from The Yellow Brick Road. She has found some great dollar deals and even offers giveaways occasionally.

Have you found any dollar deals? Please comment below and share your glory!


  1. Thanks again for the shout-out! Love those pointers :)

  2. On the fun pointers: I gave my kiddos blank voice exploration sheets...if they brought them back colored they could use a pointer to demonstrate and then lead the class. Also good for rhythm pointing pages.

    1. What a fun idea! I'd love to send that home and have them share their learning with family. Great assessment, too!