Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Three Things I've Learned This Summer

It's officially a month until "back to school" time. Wow - this summer flew by! I hope you had a relaxing time and made some awesome memories.
I'm linking up with Mrs. Miracle's Music Room to share three things I've learned this summer.

  1. Cherish Your Family
     My husband and I having been trying to start a family since we were married two years ago. This summer was especially difficult for personal reasons. However, it made me see who is there in my life. I am so blessed to have my mom. I couldn't have made it through the month of June without her. It should be common sense to me, but I learned to cherish my family and those around me. Someday, I hope my husband and I's dream of starting our own family can come true. When it does, I want our child to see the amazing love and support system around us.

  2. Naps Rule!
    I love sleep. I am not kidding. If I don't get 7-8 hours during the school year, I'm a mess. I also sleep until noon on the weekends. This summer, my cat and I were best friends. We had our napping schedule down so well that if my piano lessons went long, she started to droop. I'm really going to miss our kitty snuggles when school starts up again.

  3. Never Stop Learning
    In between napping, I did attend a great professional development workshop. It was all about singing games! Not only did I learn some new games, but I also reviewed some favorites with new twists. The networking and sharing is always great, too. Stay tuned for a blog post later this week on a great "Back-to-School" singing game that will appeal to your older elementary students!

What did you learn this summer?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dollar Finds

If you read my posts regularly, you know that I love Half Price Books. Well, I went back for another dig and found a great deal. Apparently, it was the day for deals, though, because Target had a great find, too. Here's what I found:
Dollar Deal #1
The Fabulous Feud of Gilbet & Sullivan by Winter & Egielski
This book was in the clearance section for $1 - what a find! I haven't ventured into opera with my students, but the reviews for this book are wonderful. The colors are vivid and the story is humorous. Plus, I accompanied a performance of "The Mikado" in college. Hopefully I can come up with some way to incorporate this into my lessons in the coming year. If not, it's a great read to leave in my sub tub.
Dollar Deal #2
Finger Pointer - Target

Okay, these are hilarious...especially when my husband tried to pick his nose with them. Anyway, these are great for leading vocal explorations! I grabbed two in different colors (there were other colors, too). I don't have a smart board so the students usually draw in the air with their finger. These are so cute and the kids will LOVE them. I can't wait to use these! I wonder what other things I could them for.....

Love deals? Check out some of these posts from Jennifer from The Yellow Brick Road. She has found some great dollar deals and even offers giveaways occasionally.

Have you found any dollar deals? Please comment below and share your glory!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge, Week 3 - Make Your Masterpiece

It's week three of the TPT Seller Challenge! This week was a busy one. Hopefully, you had a chance to check out the great freebies, deals and sales from all of the wonderful music teacher sellers!

This week was "Make Your Masterpiece" and I created my freebie for the event. If you haven't checked it out, it's still free and will be in my store from now on. You can also purchase the full version, complete with many patriotic listening glyphs.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's a SALE!

Have you checked out the freebies yet? If not, there's still time to stock up before all the products go back to regular price.

Tomorrow, certain products will be available for $4! Check out my Listening Glyphs for Musicals Bundle - it's normally $4 for each set, but tomorrow you can get both for the price of one! These are great for unit on musicals or as a sub activity. I like to use them at the end of the year with different grades.

Finally, my store (and many others) will be on sale this weekend. Get 20% off all of the products in my store through Sunday. Don't miss out!