Sunday, May 10, 2015

Five Favorite Music Freebies!

Two blog posts in one week? Wheww, I'm on a roll!

Today, I'm linking up with Noteworthy By Jen to talk about freebies. Teachers Pay Teachers is full of freebies, as every seller has to post them. It gives you fun activities, guidelines, and/or samples of work from the seller to see if you'd like to purchase more things from their store. There are so many to choose from - it was hard to only pick five! Each picture is linked to the TPT site where you can grab the freebie!

  1. Garage Band Rap Project Lyrics Sheet and Final Grading Rubric
    I am so excited to be the recipient of a grant for iPads next year (more on this in a future blog post)! Now, I’ll need more things to utilize the apps, including GarageBand. This project freebie looks great for my older students to express their creativity!

  1. FREE Create Your Own Mystery Song
    I love Cori Bloom’s mystery activities! This free blank template allows you to create your own mystery song to use with your students. There are two choices for you to use depending on what you want your students to discuss.

  1. American Composers Flipbook Freebie
    American composers are sometimes left out because we focus so much on Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. This flipbook allows students to learn and collect important information about American composers, including a new favorite, John Williams. There are more from different eras if you like what you see!

  1. This Year Rocked! End of the Year Memory Book FREEBIE
    What a fun activity for the end of the year! My students love going over their favorites and sharing with their friends. It’s a great memory keeper and reminder of a whole year of learning in music.

  1. FREE - A Soup Opera (Children's Lit & Music Mini Lesson)
    Now, for some shameless promotion! This is my new freebie in my store and it’s so fun! The   lesson is great for music teachers, but also works well for substitutes or those who aren't musically inclined. The story is "A Soup Opera" and features a CD attached with the book. It's a great lesson to talk about voice types, plot, and opera, while allowing students to brainstorm, write and share their ideas. Check it out!

Make sure to click on the linky party picture to be directed back to the main site - you can see everyone else's top music freebies!

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