Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hour of Code

Hour of Code - what is this?

I saw numerous tweets, emails, tutorials, etc. talking about the mystical "Hour of Code." In the end, it's really simple! Basically, we are introducing students to computer science and showing them how easy coding can be. 

So, this can't be done in music....right? WRONG!

Our elementary tech integrationist really encouraged each classroom to jump on board. Well, I don't like being left out of the loop, so I did some researching. I found a wonderful website and picture from a friend during our weekly elementary music chat on Twitter. He said it was SO EASY that I had to try it out.

Now, has a ton of different activities, but none were really "music" related. However, the Google website MadewithCode has two really great activities for students to do. 
One is "Yeti" and the other is "Beats."

Basically, coding is putting different pieces together to create sequences. With these activities, the students put the pieces together and then customize what they would like their dance or beat sequence to be. There are many more activities for students wanting to learn - these are just basic or beginning ones. It even gives you a blue pop up window to guide your process. Here are some screen shots:

I also showed my students the video of Miral Kotb and her dance/code creation iLuminate. It is a glow in the dark light show that works with music via code. It was really cool! You can find the video here: Danced w/ Code

I did this with 2nd and 3rd graders, but it is easily accessible for younger and older kids. Check it out this week if you have time - help your students earn their own "Hour of Code" certificate!


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