Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Oh, the Places You'll Go!..." with Bulletin Boards!

Sorry - had to do a play on words! I actually have two themes for music each year: one for primary and one for intermediate. Today, I'm going to link up with David Row's bulletin board party and share my primary theme decor. 

Last year, the primary building chose Dr. Seuss's theme "Oh, the Places You'll Go." It's such a fun theme! The kindergarten music program was all about Dr. Seuss and his books. If you're interested in a music program like this, let me know. It was great for everyone!

This year, I decorated for the theme with balloons. I was lucky to find a great door poster to go along, with it, too, from Music in Motion. Here is my door (sorry it's kind of blurry):
Above my door, I printed and laminated some cute "welcome" music notes from Music and Technology. Check them out here - they're free!
Welcome to Music sign

I love this quote! "Music ignites the imagination, elevates the mind, and lets the spirit soar." Plus, it has composers floating in the balloon basket - haha! 

Anyway, here's my bulletin board. It is huge and covers a ton of wall space. Each balloon has something that the students can participate in or become with music. I put several of our school's music activities on balloons, as well as careers such as DJ, composer, church musician, etc. It was super easy to do and hopefully a positive and inspirational start to the year. 

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  1. This is awesome! I did something like this the first year I started teaching.... but nothing quite as fun as you idea! Thanks for linking up and sharing!