Thursday, May 22, 2014

Milestones Worth Celebrating!

Today I'm linking up with David Row's "Milestones Worth Celebrating" linky party. David was so helpful with answering questions about, and I love following his blog posts. Plus, it's always nice to look back at the accomplishments that were made during the year. Sometimes, I forget to positives when stress takes over.

School Highlights 2013-2014

*So many successful programs! 5th Grade - Movie Hits; 4th Grade - Veteran's Day, 2nd Grade - "Flakes", 3rd Grade -   Feelin' Good, 1st Grade - Earth Day, and K - Dr. Seuss
*Great chorus concerts, too! The students performed 3 concerts and a few selections at 5th grade awards
*Chorus also sang at an Iowa Wild Hockey game to support local heroes
*Several students were chosen to be a part of the high school's musical, "Honk"
*Four chorus students represented our school at the district honor choir
*Received a project for movement materials (the kids love them already!)
*4th grade went on an awesome field trip to see the symphony
*A local Mariachi band came and performed for Cinco de Mayo
*Integrated more and more technology in the classroom such as GarageBand and Aurasma
*Successful student compositions on all levels
*Performances for local nursing homes, cancer survivors and grandparents - it truly means a lot to these individuals and it meant a lot to the students to share music with them

Professional Highlights 2013-2014
*Did more questioning and focus on student centered learning
*More implementation of technology
*Received a mounted projector - woot woot!
*Accompanist for musicals, concerts and honor choir
*Continued working on my understanding and integration of Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze
*Created own curriculum from Iowa Core and National Music Standards
*Signed up with and already have a project funded!
*Learned some great new ideas from several workshops this year
*Making deeper connections with my fellow teachers and collaborating
*Becoming more vocal about what I would like in my classroom and finding ways to bring these ideas and resources to my students
*Completely gutted and reorganized my room - I now know everything that I have :)
*Created a database of classroom literature and resource materials
*Sorted and organized all K-5 performance DVDs from the last 10 years

Blogging Highlights 2013-2014
*I started a blog!
*I am meeting and connecting with wonderful people all around the country
*Striving to find fantastic resources and giving spotlight to their wonderful creators
*I'm on twitter  -  @msmusic4life88

Family Highlights 2013-2014
*I got married October 26, 2013
*Adam and I also bought a house where I can have 2 lessons going on at a time in my studio
*Received my full teaching license...Year 4, here I come!

These are all I can think of at the moment, but I know there are more! Please link up to the party and share your milestones!

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  1. Great accomplishments and moments to remember! Thanks for linking up!