Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Peek at My Week

I'm linking up to a new party this week! I love seeing what others are up to each week and thank goodness, I'm not the only insanely busy one. This week, I am joining Mrs. Laffin's "A Peek at My Week" linky party for my last week of school! Hurray! It has been a tough year, but one full of so many fun musical moments and memories.

  This is a pretty normal day. My kindergarteners will be doing some moving and music making with Beethoven. Third grade will have their end of the year reward in the lab. They get free choice of any of the music activities on my Symbaloo. Feel free to access it here:

  Tuesday is so busy! It is the 5th grade Awards Ceremony, so my chorus students will be singing in the afternoon. The whole grade is gone in the morning for touring the middle school and then back for music. We have been learning about The Music Man for the last week, as it is set in Iowa - woot woot! The students will be in split into 2 groups to come in and watch some clips from the show. Musicals are fun to learn about and sing, but you can't teach about musicals without the students watching it! 

  This day is a little more low-key. I will be seeing my kindergarteners again. We'll be finishing up the year with reviewing pre-rhythms. The students have been working hard on one and two sounds to get ready for ta and titi next year. I'll be using this fun resource from My Musical Menagerie all about S'mores!

  My third graders will be at the zoo all day, so I will be using the afternoon to start packing up my room and finishing all of the "end of year" paperwork for administration. I'll probably pop into a few classrooms, too, to see if anyone needs help. I love seeing other teachers in action!

  Thursday is somewhat normal like Monday. This will be the last day I'll see 1st grade, so we will be reviewing and having fun for music class. We'll be using the original song and file "Bluebird" from Emily F on TeachersPayTeachers. It is great for reviewing so-mi and has the students use boomwhackers. We'll end class with everyone's favorite: freeze dance!

 Last day of school! Our school just started coming together with the parents for a PTO group. They have been so helpful and positive this year! For the last day, they are putting on an adventure day for the primary students. The intermediate students usually come down and clean my room, too, so it will just be a day of packing up and saying goodbye. 

Thanks for reading! I am blessed that we didn't have to go past Memorial Day this year. I'm excited for the summer, but I'm already planning for next year. I will be attending a workshop in Branson this June with Artie Almeida and Denise Gagne. I cannot wait! More about that later :)

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