Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

Our 4th graders put on the yearly Veteran's Program for the community. This year, they performed for the elementary building on Veteran's Day, as well as their nightly performance on November 12th for the community. I'm super proud of how it all turned out and I'm hearing great comments from teachers, parents, and local veterans just from the building performance. It's great for them to get another performance - I can't wait for tomorrow night to see the whole thing put together for the community! Here's my program for this year, as well as a video of our plate routine to "America, the Beautiful." I took the routine from Sardis Enrichment Academy's was taped by a parent and put on YouTube. Just beautiful!

4th Grade Veteran's Program - 2013

The Star Spangled Banner (traditional)
Pledge of Allegiance (traditional)
Rockin' Adventure in the U.S.A. (Music K8)
Thank A Vet (Music K8)
The Stars and Stripes Forever
Taps - Prologue
Taps (Music K8)

            *honoring of local veterans in the audience*
America, the Beautiful plate routine (Sardis)


  1. I loved the paper plate routine and the music was beautiful! I was wondering if you could share the name of the Cd that the music came from (or iTunes piece) I would really like to use it in my class!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for commenting - everyone still mentions this performance from last year. It was a hit with everyone. I used our "Spotlight on Music" books for this recording. It is in the purple book (4th grade) I believe? Do you have these books at all? Feel free to contact me at