Monday, August 26, 2013

Room tour - final!

Okay, so I'm camping out in my room this evening before the music boosters meeting. Meaning, I finally had time to take pictures of the rest of my room! Granted, my room is HUGE and I love it. So, I tried to get the good stuff so you have a general idea.

This is my desk & resource area. I've already posted the book case photo, but you can also see the blue cabinets (they don't bolted to the ground...gross). 

This is my main bulletin board in the room. There is a smaller one by the door, but it's just used for the concert calendar. I got tired of kids asking "when is our program?" all the time, so I posted a concert calendar all year. Really handy! This one has our rules, plus ta & titi review for the beginning of the year.

The front of the room has a lot of whiteboard space, which I love. The only problem is the project screen blocks it sometimes, so I have to be strategic. Above the board is the alphabet, with something music related shown on the appropriate letter. The kids love looking at it and it's helpful for those kinders who are learning their ABC's. I also have the solfege handsigns posted in the middle. Underneath the board (if you can see it...sorry!) are the national music/common core standards in kid-friendly language. It also has some fun pictures! Great to connect in the classroom when we're hitting standards. 

 The big blue cabinets have our vocab words, as well as specific things we hit in chorus only. To the left is a bookshelf (I turned it on its' side) to hold our books. I don't use books a lot, but they are resource when we talk about American music and other things throughout the year. I do have a handicap ramp in the back and then the extra metal chairs for chorus. 

This is my favorite spot! I am in love with color and organization. This spot shows that really well! Up above, I have the solfege handsigns again, but they are color coordinated with the boomwhacker colors. Then, I have my boomwhackers organized and stored in coffee containers. On the top are the rhythm sticks and maracas. Underneath, are plastic square and round containers with the different instruments. Some are labeled with white board labels, while some are open so you can see. It also has storage on the back, so that holds instruments we don't use a lot. Finally, it rolls! If I have a lot of instrument stuff one day, it is so handy to roll around! Love, love, love! 

A lot of the ideas and decor templates I did get from various Pinterest sites for free, while other things I did on my own. Please let me know if you have any questions on things. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This room is soooo you. Keep up the good work. I'm sure your students love it! :)