Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Ugh - I forgot to show the doors! They are the most important part because the kids get excited about music when seeing fun things. I finally decided to decorate them because otherwise, the brown just gets really boring. Also, one of my doors is on the wall in the hallway, so if I don't mark it, everyone walks right by it :(

Primary door - this is the one that is stuck in the wall. I decorated it with bulletin board letters, vinyl music stickers and a great "welcome" record banner I found from 


Intermediate door - this door is in the music/art hallway. I found this great quote online, only it said "art." Still, I thought it would look and sound fun for music. I also stuck a "welcome" banner up above the door. I found it here:

Near every door is my name and a "music" sign. I also decorate the small bulletin board with quotes about music and fun activities or information relating to music that students can use or find interesting.

There, the tour is finally done!

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