Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentine's Day - a little late!

Sorry I'm a little late posting!

Right now, we're finishing up our STOMP projects, but I thought we would take a break for Valentine's Day.  I saw this great idea mentioned on the Music Teacher's Facebook group and just had to try it out! In a few weeks, they will be learning about the science of sound in their general classroom. I love collaborating and reinforcing things they are learning through music. 

So here's what we did:

The students each have their own laptop, as we're a 1:1 school. They also each have the recording program Audacity installed. After watching a brief "Bill Nye, the Science Guy" clip, we talked about sound waves and frequencies. From there, I did some demonstrations by projecting my Audacity program on the board for them to see. We did many different voices and watched the pictures change.

From there, I told them that we were making a "musical valentine" for them to take home to someone they care about. I asked each of them to record the words "I Love You" into Audacity however they wanted. Here's my photo: 

Next, we printed, cut and pasted their words onto red cardstock. 

From here, they could decorate it however they liked. Some used markers, crayons, hole punches, etc. On the back, we attached this paragraph so families could read about our introduction to the science of sound:

Happy Valentine's Day from the music classroom!
Today, the 4th graders had an introduction to the science of sound.
We used the program Audacity to learn about sound waves and frequencies.
Next, the students each recorded their own version of "I Love You" into the program. 
From there, the students printed a picture of their recording and created a special musical valentine just for you! Enjoy!

Of course, this can be tweaked, but it really was a cute and informative idea! It also works great for common core and collaborating with general classrooms. Again, I can't take credit for this awesome idea, but if you'd like my formats, let me know. Happy Valentine's Day (late)!


  1. Love this!! Something to put in my files for next year!!