Friday, March 21, 2014

Five Favorite Pins of March

I'm linking up again to Mrs. Miracle's Music Room! I pin so many awesome things that I often forget what I really have. Five Favorite Pins is a great way to review some pins that might have fallen by the way side in a pinning frenzy! hahaha

1. SOL and MI Print & GO

                My first graders are finishing up their programs in the next few weeks. I can't wait to get back into Sol & Mi practice. Lindsay Jervis just whipped up these quick worksheets to use. Great for review or a sub day!

2. Musical Form Bulletin Board

I am working really hard to introduce more form activities into our music classes. I would love to use this at the beginning of next year to review form with the older students. So cute and relatable!

3. Singing at Home


I'm not a fan of "homework," but I want to get more parents involved in their child's musical education. I've also started following "The Yellow Brick Road" and love these ideas I'm seeing. I hope to use this at the end of the year or beginning of next school year to spark some family discussion of music. Love, love love!

4. Activate! Magazine

                  It's my third year teaching and I've finally gone through my whole classroom. I've sorted and organized everything to make it more accessible to me. In doing so, I found a great resource called "Activate! Magazine." I grabbed one quick last week and found a great dance by Phyllis Weikart. I also found this video on Youtube of her teaching it to some students. My kids K-5 loved it for a St. Patty's Day dance.


5. Stretchy Band

       I was just recently at a workshop that used a stretchy band. I want one of these things! However, they are pricey and I don't have much of "carefree" budget. However, I came across this pin that shows how to make your own, no matter what the size or color. AND, you can change it quick whenever! AAAAAHHH - I hope to get to the craft store sometime to start on this project - it says it only takes 5 minutes!

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