Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I'm joining another linky party, this time by Lindsay over at Pursuit of Joyfulness.

I've been several workshops and have seen lots of posts about manipulatives. I just started using them these year and I think it's going well. Here are two I've used recently:

1. Popsicle sticks

                These were awesome! My 3rd graders have just learned tiri-tiri and it's really nice for them to start dictating rhythms and writing their own patterns with them. They worked alone and in groups with this, helping one another to correctly create the rhythm patterns. Can't wait to do more with these!

2. Fall scatter shapes

I saw a post on this in September and was excited when I found them at Target. I used brown or red leaf for "ta" and pumpkin for "ti-ti." The kids went crazy for these! They loved making patterns of their own and sharing with others (awesome for student-centered learning!).


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  1. Thanks so much for linking up! Love the fall scatter! :)