Thursday, September 19, 2013


Every year, my 4th graders perform the Veteran's Day program. It's kind of a tradition at my school, where the students sing patriotic songs, write letters and recognize the local veterans in attendance. Each year, I try to find different songs about our country and the armed forces, as many of veterans attend each year.

This year, I found this really beautiful version of "Taps" from Music K-8. The first part is the students singing the familiar tune on "Loo" while famous quotes and poems are spoken by students into the microphone. Then, all the students sing the song with the traditional words, ending with the lone trumpet solo. It's gorgeous!

It's a great chance for some more students speakers to give a little history of our country and thank those who served our country. Also, I was able to find this clip from the History channel's overview of the story of "Taps."

Several of the students recognized the tune, but it's always nice to tie-in the history of music and why it is so important to our country and its' citizens. I hope it's a hit - I know it will be very emotional for some. We have talked about this in our class and many of the students can relate to the sadness it brings. I usually don't like tugging at the heart strings, but I love this song and it's powerful message.

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